Layers of solid beech. The main frame will be made of three layers.

The frames of my bodhráns are made of native layered solid beech. After testing and trying many different woods I decided to stick with beech wood. Even my veneered and effect varnished frames have a center made of beech.

The only exception are the concave frames made of cherry wood and nut wood which are used for the MHTF, SR models and on demand for the custom made drums. These are slightly lighter than ones made from beech wood. In terms of sound, the wood of the outer frame is not as crucial as, for example, with the violin, flute, or guitar. For the Bodhrán, the component that mainly determines the sound is the TUNING FRAME.


Here, the type of wood, dimension, and profile cross-section determine the acoustic qualities of the instrument's sound. These features are individually adapted to the model, use and choice of skin.
With the isolatHED tuning technology, the tuning frame has a particularly substantial influence on the overall sound and tone, but not the outer frame, which is mainly intended to ensure playing comfort and a nice appearance, and which influences the sound propagation.

For the CoreLine we use a purpose-built plywood frame for the exterior rim. These frames are less expensive than layered wood frames. For the parts that influence the sound of the drum, which are the tuning ring and the fitting frame, a high quality layered wood frame is used.