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MOpHed – The Practice Pad for your Tipper Hand


Need to warm up before a gig? Want to practice at home but your neighbours are a bit on the sensitive side? No matter if you’re at home, a hotel, or stuck in a traffic jam, the MopHed lets you train your tipper hand almost anywhere and anytime! This handy tool is a must-have for anyone who likes to use every spare minute to get in some practice!

  • Natural skin allows for a realistic playing feel
  • Natural rubber damping ensures a low sound
  • Lightweight, easy to store and carry
  • Elastic strap makes it effortless to hold
  • Obvious sound when you miss the playing surface, and an ideal surface size help you to develop precise playing


Diameter 17.5 cm
Playing surface 14.4 cm
Thickness 1.9 cm
Weight approx. 170 g


Price: 47 € incl. VAT


Due to the natural properties of the skin and the way it’s mounted onto the pad without the tension it would normally have on an actual bodhrán, the skin might have the occasional crease or dent. This does not affect the quality of the practice pad and is no reason for rejection!

...and what does the name mean ??? :)
Practise Pad, co-developed with Christian Hedwitschak... HED. Therefore not PAD but pHED. Made by Stevie Moises... MO. So: MOpHed :)