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Effect gadget for the skin hand! :)


Depending on the playing technique as well as pressure, position and strike point, you can use the SNARE carpHED to reproduce snare-drum-like (cracking) effects. 
The SNARE carpHED can either be attached to two fingers or to the thumb, depending on your preference. 
The flexible hook-and-loop straps can be easily and quickly adjusted to any hand size. The inside of the straps is soft for comfortable playing, and the SNARE carpHED can be easily removed and reattached. Place the SNARE carpHED on the drum skin (tilting movement) to achieve a continuous effect, or to accentuate even complex rhythms. 
Of course, you can still modulate the pitch using the skin hand! 
The SNARE carpHED always sounds pleasantly subtle and blends in smoothly with the overall sound.

Have fun exploring the countless possibilities of the SNARE carpHED!

The SNARE carpHED is a joint development by Stevie Moises, Rolf Wagels and Christian Hedwitschak.

Martin O'Neill
Aimee Farrell Coutney
Stevie Moises

"Excited does not begin to cover the emotion! Since I placed the order I haven't stopped thinking about the endless possibilities this little but mighty addition will bring! 
Before playing the bodhrán, among other percussion, I started with the drums, about 10 years ago, almost. With better and worse moments, with the last few years not being able to play a drumkit consistently, I find that getting back into playing the drums is not a smooth ride. The practice space available is relatively near, but with the restrictions it hasn't been possible. At the same time, when I sit down in that space, on the drum throne, it takes me a good hour to get comfortable, and by then I only have an hour left. So... It isn't the best of situations. 
With the CarpHed, I can practice with a lot more ease grooves and beats that I would normally use with a kit. And waaaay more comfortably. I'd read, early on, about how a bodhrán player can use a brush tipper in the tonal hand to mimick the snares, but when the bodhrán has a fixed back cross, it isn't practical. 
The snare CarpHed? Practical, comfortable, beautiful, perfectly sized and really adaptable."
Anthony Smith (Galicia)

Cormac Byrne
Eamon Murray
Rolf Wagels

The details:

  • reproduce snare drum sound easily
  • adjusts individually 
  • pitch modulation still possible!
  • rubber covered wire ends for skin protection 
  • made in Germany

Preis: 32 € incl. VAT