Since 2017 no longer available

A travel drum.

To assemble.

And much, much more! :o)


It is not coincidence the Lillebror Trumma got a swedish name, which by the way means 'little brother drum'. ;o)


The LT is a demountable travel drum of maximum weight reduction.

Weighing only 650 gr. the LT is the lightest of all Hedwitschak bodhráns.      


The outer railing frame can be demounted and put into the inside of the main drum frame.


A perfect travel drum, fitting trouble-free in the carry-on baggage! :o)



  • 30cm diameter. (ap. 12")
  • 14cm (ap. 5,6") deep frame when assembled.
  • Ap. 6cm (2,4") high when demounted.
  • "Standard skin" goat.
  • Tool-less, smooth-running 6-point-tuning system.
  • Taped for more harmonic overall sound.
  • Surprising present sound character !

Price: 245 EUR (incl. 19% VAT)