Due to problems in material supply and extremely increased material prices, this model is no longer in production.


Originally meant to be only a teacher drum, it ended up as a funky special bodhrán with real cult potential :o)




  • 30 and 40cm diameter available.
    (ap. 12" and 16")
  • 14cm deep frame (ap. 5,6").
  • Transparent synthetic skin.
  • Transparent acrylic frame.
  • Tuneable (with allen key). 
  • Please note: the drum is extremely stabile in tuning.
    Usually you don´t have to re-tune it at all.
  • Taped for more harmonic overall sound. 


Price: 280 EUR for the 30cm model
and 320 EUR for the 40cm drum
(incl. 19% VAT).




It all started when Guido Plüschke and Rolf Wagels asked for a teacher bodhrán with the objective to show both hands´s movement from one focal point. After some prototyping and with the energetic assistance of Andy Kruspe from Huntsville/USA we ended up with one final model in two diameters which was much more than we expected at the beginning: a real unique looking and well sounding synthetic drum.

A perfect teacher drum with the qualities to be an universal drum for outdoor use, at extreme weather conditions and for campfire occasions ;o)
The cult factor started when the InsightLine made it up to the cover of the CD "Bodhrán Insight" !

InsightLine 30cm und 40cm Variante