Rolf Wagels

A special serie model with the ideas and wishes of Rolf Wagels, one of the leading Bodhrán players and teachers in Europe.


This model is a "signature line" bodhrán and can only be purchased from Rolf Wagels !






  • 40 cm diameter (ap. 16")
  • 15,3 cm deep frame (ap. 6,1") 
  • Original Lambeg skin from the North of Ireland
  • Tool-less 8-point-compressor-tuning system. IsolatHED, Smooth-running, direct power transmission. Direct skin tention feedback. Precise tuning possible
  • Exclusive Design of red "fiddle bottom maple". Taped for more harmonic overall sound.
  • Price: 505 EUR incl. VAT



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Special thanks to master drum maker Seamus O´Kane for his help. Seamus is a living legend in bodhrán making and I am very proud and happy to get this support from him


Rolf Wagels about the RWE:

Together with Christian Hedwitschak I developed the drum of my dreams, Christian decided to call it the RWE (Rolf Wagels Edition). We import Lambeg skins with the help of Seamus O'Kane, the drummaker from the North from the makers who supply Seamus. The tuning system uses an idea by Robert Forkner from Texas (Metloef drums) who developed a toolless tuning system, which we adopted and modified.
– Lambegskin from the North of Ireland
– compressor tuning rim
– Toolless tuning system
– High quality design by Hedwitschak
– Exclusive design
– 40 cm diameter, 15,3 cm depth
In this signature line all my demands for a high end drum are fullfilled: Not only a great design with brilliant usabiltiy, but also a universal sound. This means the Lambeg skin works great for traditional playing but gives also the full range for top end style. It's a lively drum, easy to change tones and gives a lovely feedback to the stick and to the player. Great attack and enough overtones for harmonic playing, but not too many overtones that wouldn't allow the occasional open bass playing. Every single RWE drum goes through my hands to ensure top quality. It carries my name, so I want to make sure all the drums are in brilliant shape and sound the way I would expect it. This is way the RWE is a high end classic drum that established itself in the international bodhran scene in the last couple of years. By now, people like Eric Cunningham (Frankie Gavin & DeDannan) Kieran Munnelly (Dave Munnelly Band), John Joe Kelly (Flook), Eamon Murray (Beoga), Jimmy Higgins (Altan & Lunasa), and Stiofan O'Brion play the RWE regularly.


Eric Cunningham:

I only use one bodhrán on stage with 'Frankie Gavin & De Dannan' and that is the RWE bodhrán made by Christian Hedwitschak. It is simply a terrific instrument and it doesn't surprise me that after every gig I did in the USA recently I was asked all the time who made my drum. It has a bass end Steve Gadd would be happy with and a top end Zakir Hussain would take delight in. There is a great feeling knowing that night after night I spend minimal time sound checking as the drum has all the natural tones inbuilt and available instantly.


John Joe Kelly:

I just love it! It sounds great, I can't get over it. I think it's one of the best I ever played, and I played many


Rolf Wagels erklärt die neuen Eigenschaften der RWE in diesem Video:

Rolf Wagels
Rolf Wagels
Rolf Wagels