Eamon Murray

The EMsig is the result of my 10 years of collaboration with Ireland's "most talented" (Irish Music Magazine) Bodhrán player Eamon Murray. The EMsig features a Lambeg skin, which has a bit more attack and can take the kind of high tension that is perfect for top-end-style players, especially for concert performance.


At the same time it has plenty of low end range and bass warmth to play sessions or acoustic.




The tuning system is designed especially for high-tension top-end-style playing which is new to the range of Hedwitschak tuning systems. It’s a 5 tuner system. It’s the perfect amount if you need to tune during a performance and the ease of travelling without a tuning key or screwdriver is the only way to go! The tuning system is designed to be able to have the drum at a high-tension and hold it there if that’s what you need. This is ideal for me as I require a tighter drum for speed and need it to be able to stay tight during a gig without too much tuning. 

This is the first Hedwitschak drum that has been designed for a more ‘top-end’ player!! It obviously suits all styles, but if you need the high-tension, then it’s got it, with ease.

After much fighting (which I won) the drum comes with a bar on the inside, a controversial move, but hear me out... It can be removed with ease, just 4 small screws if it’s not for you. I’ve ALWAYS preferred to have a bar, to me, it’s not restrictive. If it’s far enough from the skin, I find it really helps with stability and leverage for tone. I know I’m one of the few that like it, but hey, it’s worked for me so far. 

For no reason whatsoever, I stuck a sticker of a horse on my old Hedwitschak drum. It became my pal, and for good measure, each drum will now come with it’s own horse-headed sticker. It’ll help keep you company and you’ll thank me.


  • 35x15cm
  • 5x Quick Tuning System
  • Original Lambeg goat skin (center spine)
  • Single cross-bar, removable 
  • blue/black fiddle bottom maple
  • taped, light ribbon, deco nails
  • Price: 505 EUR incl. VAT.


Available directly from me or in Rolf Wagels' online shop:


Eamon Murray
Eamon Murray
Eamon Murray