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After many, many years Christian Hedwitschak stepped into the world of oriental frame drums!

The first oriental frame drum made by HEDWITSCHAK DRUMS is now available!
Murat Coskun and HEDWITSCHAK DRUMs have been working together on this a long time till the perfect product was ready for the market.
Something that is a normal feature for bodhráns since many years comes now in a very smart solution to the world of oriental frame drums: 

The tool-less tuning system!

The MuratCoskun Tenor Framedrum comes in 40x8cm with a special treated goatskin and with the revolutionary HiLo tuning system which works without tool and is smooth-running even at very high skin tension. So tuning is quick and easy even during playing.


For more info and the ordering options please visit Rolf Wagels' onlineshop!


Murat Coskun about his Signature Series:

MCTFD - The Murat Coskun Tenor Frame Drum

"Frame drums are no longer just “simple” instruments. It’s astonishing how this ancient and seemingly archaic instrument adapts to today’s music, needs and standards.
While I’m still fascinated by its simplicity, it’s also always about exploring new possibilities, about differentiated sound aesthetics, flexibility in playing positions, and practicability, for example when tuning the drum. That’s why I’m happy to see there are innovative frame drum makers who tirelessly work on developing new visions and making them a reality.
It was Christian Hedwitschak who came up with this idea of a completely new tuning system many years ago. After years of joint development work, a new "baby" has emerged – the Tenor Frame Drum."


Warm and full of overtones - MCTFD

"It’s not just the very simple tuning system that fascinates me.
Above all, it is also the pleasantly warm yet clear and overtone-rich sound in the tenor range. Thanks to its low weight, I can also hold and play the drum while standing. And even in the freehand position, it doesn’t lose its "oomph". Last not least, due to its outstanding design, it’s also beautiful to look at. 
I am very excited to see what new adventures playing the drum on my next tours will bring"


Middle to lower register - the MCBFD

MCBFD - The Murat Coskun Bariton Frame Drum

"In my music, it’s very important to me that frame drums are clearly tuned, so the integrated tuning system really comes in handy.
As with the Tenor-Signature, you don't need any additional tools like a bike pump or an Allen key for the Bariton. That way, I can retune the drum easily, quickly, quietly, and, above all, very precisely during a gig – those are four things that have to be crucial for me as a concert musician!
And what's more, the Bariton just sounds wonderful, it’s easy to hold and play, the wide frame provides comfortable support for the arm, and the fingers glide joyfully and loosely over the skin when playing. Thank you, Christian!"


Warm and earthy timbre - MCBFD

The BARITON version comes with a larger diameter (45cm), deeper frame (15cm) and a much more massive tuning rim.
Thus, as the name suggests, the MCBFD has its particular strength in the middle to lower register. It has a warm, earthy timbre and a very present, round sound. The bass is solid, pervious, the mids are lively, and the highs are clear, bright and defined. The sound-producing tuning frame is made of figured ash. The outer frame is made of local oak with fine grained spruce as the middle layer. Walnut inlays complete the noble overall appearance. Of course, the MCBFD also comes with the revolutionary tool-free HiLo tuning system, which allows retuning even while playing.;
A universal frame drum with a wide range of applications, designed primarily for lapstyle. Due to the light frame construction it is suitable for other playing techniques."