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Great that you have landed on this page and are interested in my/our products.


"Hedwitschak Drums" is a one-man business. So a One-ChristianHedwitschak-business.

I love my work, making drums, developing new products, the music and I would also love to spend hours talking to my customers and interested parties about it, philosophising and giving personal advice to each and every one.
But I also love my family with three (little) children who also want to have a lot of time with Dad.

And since Dad earns his money by building drums and not by "talking about it", I have decided to concentrate on BUILDING and, as far as possible, leave the SELLING to those who can do it better.


If you would like to order an individual custom made drum, I will of course be happy to take care of you personally and work with you from the first idea to the completion of your new drum by email and/or on the phone.


You can find a buyer's guide HERE.


If you would like to order a CoreLine, SignatureLine, a series/standard model or extra accessories such as bag, tipper, belt system, snare CarpHED etc., I would like to ask you to either contact a showroom/partneror my long-time friend, co-developer, master bodhrán player, bodhrán teacher, showroom owner and online dealer Rolf Wagels:
For many years now, Rolf has been reliably and enthusiastically taking over customer advice and shipping activities for me, has a large stock of immediately available drums, a very comfortable online shop, and you can even rent bodhráns!
His email address is:


Of course you are welcome to email me about any request: , but please don't be upset if I forward you to Rolf Wagels or another partner. This is solely to provide you with the best and fastest possible service and to allow me to concentrate on my core business, production. It's a win-win situation for maker and clientele!


And yes, you may also call me. The number is (+49) 08135 939171, but please only after 2 pm local Sulzemoos time and really only if your concern cannot be settled by email. Please bear in mind that every call takes me out of my work, often a machine and dust extractor have to be switched off and then on again. Also, I often don't hear the phone when I'm working on a machine and there are work steps that I can't just interrupt. I ask for your indulgence for my telephone phobia :)


For the above reasons, as well as for insurance reasons, it is generally not possible to visit me in the workshop.


...but I am quite active on my FaceBook page HEDWITSCHAK DRUMS and on Instagram HEDWITSCHAK_DRUMS. Visit me there, LIKE my page and stay informed about what's happening in and around the workshop!


Thank you very much,
Christian Hedwitschak