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Individual productions

My workshop is specialized in the production of custom made drums. Individual instruments are planned and made in close contact with the customer. An extensive advise and guidance is of course. For me 'custom work' does not mean to produce everything that is possible. Rather, it is meant to incorporate customer requests in a useful way. This is the way to achieve maximum results. Playing comfort and optimum sound results are always kept in the focus.


Basic Outfit

  • 14cm deep (ap. 5,6") deep frame made of layered, solid beech.

  • Tool-less tuning system, open star tuners. Smooth-running, direct power transmition, proven and reliable.

  • Alternatively hidden tuning wheels.

  • Special selected "Standard" goat skin in highest quality.

  • Universal comfort tuning rim, isolatHED, soft leather covering on bearing edge.

  • Multi-point tuning system for precise tuning.

  • Natural finish of oil and bees wax.

  • Taped drum skin for more harmonic overtone behaviour. If you would like to get a drum without the black tape, please just let me know!

(All prices incl. VAT, exclusive p&p)

  • Diameter 33 cm (ap. 13") € 450

  • Diameter 35 cm (ap. 14") € 450

  • Diameter 37 cm (ap. 15 ”) € 460

  • Diameter 40 cm (ap. 16 “) € 470

  • Diameter 45 cm (ap. 18 “) € 490

Please note: 37cm comes with ChangeHED skin holding system as standard feature.


  • Deeper frame until 16cm (ap. 6“) € 20

  • Deeper frame until 21cm (ap. 6,8“) € 60

  • Compressor tuning system € 40

  • deco nails € 20

  • DRAGONSkin drum skin € 40 ("velvet", "classic" or "spicy")
    Lambeg, GOAK, kangaroo same price.


  • TwinSkin (special laminated, custom made drum skin composed of two or more single skins. This is NOT DoubleSkin !) € 120

  • Veneer inlay stripe € 50

  • Concave frame on beech or ash, stained and varnished € 200

  • Concave frame on fiddlebottom- or birdseye maple, flamed ash, walnut or cherry, stained and varnished € 250

  • Veneered wood finishes

  • Additonal price for veneer only exterior € 50
    (Interior in beech, tuning ring in beech or solid black)

  • Additional price for interior and exterior veneer finish € 80
    (Intermediate rim in same veneer or black, tuning ring in black)

  • Special noble veneers: There is a surcharge for Olive, Makassar und Yew wood because of the high material price and the complex extra work.
    The extra charge is € 115 per frame side. For example a drum with Makassar veneer interior and exterior = 70+115+115= 300 € extra charge)

  • Solid varnish finishes on request, from € 120

  • Surcharge for Beech blue/brown/red/green fading into black
    This finish always comes at interior and exterior, inclusive black tuning frames.
    Complete additional charge is € 120

  • Only-nails-option. (no decoration ribbon) € 40

  • Cutout € 40 (only recommended in exceptional case !)

  • Single bar (supportHED€ 55 

  • Cross bar (Your are absolutely sure ? ;-) ) € 55

  • Dyed skin (black, blue, green red, yellow, "stonewashed“) from € 80

If you have further questions please feel free to ask !


Thank you for your order!