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The Facts

I think in our day and age it’s more important than ever to base our thoughts and actions on facts and knowledge. Only those who have mastered the basics can purposefully create something new. Of course, this also applies to my craft. The continuous analysis and testing of existing instruments as well as taking a broader view are the foundation of manufacturing new drums.


That’s why, for me, comparative tests in the recording studio and frequency analyses (e.g. our university project) Scientific Background are just as much a part of the tools of the trade as are homemade special tools and devices during the actual production. I went the extra mile in many areas to aim for Pareto’s famous "top 20%".


(The Pareto principle, named after Vilfredo Pareto (1848–1923), also known as the 80/20 rule, states that 80% of the results are achieved with 20% of the total effort. The remaining 20% ​​of the results require 80% of the total effort and quantitatively most of the work.)

You can read more about this under Philosophy.


I also ask you to find out more about the special features of Frames, Drum Skins, and Tuning Systems. The compressor tuning system is a special development that wouldn’t have been possible without extensive scientific analyses and the help of professors and acoustics experts.


The prerequisite for these analytical tests was the changeHED skin changing system, which not only enables the player to constantly grow and adapt his instrument, but also to systematically test and compare individual components such as tuning frames and drum skins.

My latest and, in my opinion, most groundbreaking development is the isolatHED tuning technology. Here, the drum skin and the tuning frame can work together perfectly as they are acoustically isolated from the outer frame. The result is a defined sound and a higher volume.

Last but not least, you’ll find some nice words and awards under References.


Unfortunately, it must also be mentioned that my success in the last 20 years has also led to envy ("You have to earn envy" ;)). There are people who spread half-truths and falsehood about me and my products. They try to either depreciate some of my developments or pass them off as theirs. Some think that because I’m neither Irish nor a native English speaker I shouldn't build bodhráns or shouldn't call them that. And I'm not a traditional person anyway...


Dealing with this and explaining or even justifying myself is fairly futile. I prefer to focus on nicer and more important aspects of life.

That is why, also in this context, it’s important to look at the facts, check sources, and form your own opinion.


I’ve put a lot of effort into filling this section with a few of the things that are important to me and that I’ve passionately developed and pursued over many years. You can find more about this under Products in the ARCHIVE. If you have any further questions or would like to know more, please send me an email.