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Tipper pockHED – The Top-Class Tipper Case


Obviously, you want to make sure your tippers are properly stored and easy to take along. The Tipper pockHED offers much more than that:

Tipper pockHED
  1. The double zipper allows you to quickly open it up wide and close it just as easily.
  2. You can open Tipper pockHED in two ways – either entirely, placing it on a table with the flap flipped open fully, or half open, attaching it to the mike stand with half the lid folded inwards. Both options allow you to see all of the tippers, and to take them out and put them back in easily and smoothly.
  3. The compact and clear design of the Tipper pockHED saves valuable space while making optimum use of its capacity and offering maximum space for your tippers. It is stable, water-/beer-/dirt-repellent, and durable.
  4. The Tipper pockHED is available in four colours: red exterior (like the HEDcase), blue, purple, and gray. Black interior.
  • Double zipper
  • Lined bottom and sides
  • Room for many tippers (e.g. 20 HEDrods)
  • Ca. 32x8x5 cm
  • Looped handle for suspension or carrying
  • Dirt-repellent, waterproof, durable polyester textile
  • Available in four colours: red, blue, purple, gray. Black interior.
  • Made in Europe (Spain)!

Fabric details:

  • Polyester 40%
  • Polyamid 40%
  • Polyethylen(LDPE) 20%


30 € incl. VAT